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Hawkmoth Leather Co. Punjab belt review

For a very long time now, the oak bark belt has been one of the essential components of my wardrobe. After getting back into the hobby in 2016, finding that my previous oak belt makers are no longer active, I was fortunate enough to discover Tom’s workshop of Hawkmoth Leather Co., which specialises in oak bark belts.

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Hawkmoth Leather Co. ‘Natural’ belt review

A few years back I was introduced to British oak bark leather through Tender Co.’s line of belts. Since then I have had the good fortune to explore belt projects based on J & FJ Baker tannery’s natural oak bark tanned leather with a couple of talented British leather craftsmen, creating unique belts that are the perfect companions for raw selvedge denim.

When I saw that Tom at Hawkmoth Leather Co. was using this leather as the basis for his line of hand-made belts, I was instantly intrigued. Not only is oak bark leather difficult to work with, due in part to its density, thickness and strong fibres, but also the traditional saddlery techniques required are no mere party tricks.

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Hawkmoth Leather Co Propeller Review

Inspired by historical figures such as Ernest Hemingway and Lawrence of Arabia, and “appealing to the Indiana Jones in all of us,” the Hawkmoth Propeller is a one-of-a-kind belt, a beautiful work of art skillfully crafted with fine and rare materials.

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Hawkmoth Leather Co. regularly collaborates with Eastman leather Clothing ; specialists in extremely authentic , high quality reproductions of WW11 vintage flight jackets and accessories.

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