Hawkmoth 'Natural' belt


12/13 Oz. English Undyed Full grain Oak-bark tanned leather. 1.5" wide.
This belt is for the purists out there ; Made with the finest English Oak-bark tanned bridle butt leather, from the United Kingdom's last remaining Oak bark tannery.
This undyed belt has the subtle, warm, oak bark tones from its 12 month tanning period.
A great accompaniment for a Jeans enthusiast ; Someone who loves the natural ageing process of a pair of heavy duty, raw, denim jeans, can experience a similar change in apperence with this gorgeous piece of British Oak Bark tanned leather .
The belt will darken over time and reflect the experiences of the owner as the months goes by. This is all part of the Hawkmoth Natural's character and appeal. The last picture shows a belt after 2 years wear.
Some natural protective wax can been lightly applied, if desired by the customer.

* See 'Belt Size' in order to get your correct measurement. Please include size in the Notes section at the checkout.

Allow 3 to 12 weeks for delivery.