The 'Propeller' Belt


11oz. Premium English Oak-Bark leather Bridle Butt 1.3/4" wide.
This solid brass buckle has been made in England , using the Lost wax Casting Process.
The central section is a depiction of a Death's-head Hawkmoth, one of the most beautiful and iconic moths to be found in Europe. A fascinating creature that can sneak its way into bee hives , feast on the honey and leave without any hostility from the inhabitants. It also has the ability to squeak! What a moth.
The outer section of the buckle is inscribed with the letters ; H , L , Co. , A subtle link to Hawkmoth Leather Company.
Rather than using the traditional method of waist adjustment on a two
piece buckle, I have devised a method using a small side buckle (hand-sewn in place with waxed linen thread) to do the job. From a practical point of view, I think it is easier and aesthetically it greatly contributes to the the Propeller belt's unique look and character.

*Like the 'Ranger' belt , an accurate size measurement is required. See
'Belt Size' section. Please Include this in the notes at the checkout.

As all Hawkmoth Leather Co. products are made by hand to order, please allow 3 to 12 weeks for delivery.