'Memento mori' Belt


12-13 oz. Full Grain English Oak-Bark Bridle Butt Leather.
1.5" wide.
I like to think that this could have been made by some salty old
Seadog in 1876. The Skull and crossbones hand stitched for all to see
and a Deaths-head Hawkmoth stamped into its resting place down at the
buckle end.
The phrase 'Memento Mori' was apparently first used in 1598.
It is latin for 'Remember you must die'. Religious types would use the saying to keep themselves in check, to remind them to stick to the good book or they would be in trouble when they inevitably meet their maker.
Whereas the the more hedonistic folks would use the phrase, along with the skull and crossbones image , to invigorate themselves into enjoying and living life to the full ; That was definitely what we had in mind here at Hawkmoth Leather Co.

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